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About Our Charity

The Pink Shield Charitable Foundation is founded to carry on the objectives and purposes listed below. The purposes and objectives of the foundation is funded by donations solely from Groupe Haus Inc. and Internally.


Purposes/Objectives (Article 2)

  • To advance education by organizing public debates and speeches for school children;
  • To relieve poverty by providing subsidies and/or equipment to children of low-income families so that they can participate in sport activities in their community
  • To meet the needs of low-income persons by providing them with housing and any associated amenities upon terms appropriate to their means; and
  • To do all things incidental and ancillary to the attainment of the above charitable purpose
  • Additional purposes/objectives are coming very soon


The Pink Shields should be seen, to intend to and be known to be present to help, to do good and share love to others especially those that are underprivileged and vulnerable irrespective of their creed, race, sex, religion or political affiliations. The main strategy is through love, compassion, poverty alleviation and eradication (Hebrews 13:16; James 1:26-27)


Our Simple Plan in a simplistic term; is using our Advanced Strategic Management tools to create Transformational Changes which leads to Manpower and Leadership Development while maintaining Social Responsibility Guidelines (ISO 26000).

The Pink Shield Charitable Foundation has been registered with the Canadian Government since March 21, 2012 as an official Charitable Organization of Canada.

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"NI KA RA BA KO SE or NiKaRa BaKoSe"
Meaning: More Peace; No More Wars
"Genre: Hip Hop/Rap/Christian/Gospel"
By Peace Maker Feat. Victory Egbon & Osagie Odidi
Contact: info@thepinkshields.org
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